>>I can’t begin to describe just how powerful my coaching sessions with Brenda have been. I am more confident and have more clarity than ever before. It was one of the most empowering things I could have ever done for myself. –Allison C, doTerra Wellness Advocate, www.mydoterra.com/allisoncoble

>>Brenda’s ability to hear what you’re saying is outmatched only by her ability to hear what you’re not saying. Both skills led to her uncovering deeper insights into my situation to help me see a pathway forward. Tanya Elshahawi Style-nod.com

>>I reached out to Brenda when I was thinking of starting my own company. Needless to say, I was filled with excitement, anxiety, concern, and passion all at the same time. Brenda was able to listen to my story, extrapolate what was most important to me, provided me the courage to take that leap of faith and provided tactical next steps for me to do the very next day. Thank you, Brenda, for helping me through that difficult transition in my career! I am now 2 years strong into owning my own company and loving every minute! 🙂 – Laura Mendelow, Founder of Mendelow Consulting, www.mendelowconsulting.com

>>Brenda has helped me think of myself and my capabilities in new ways and how to present myself with more clarity and confidence! -Anonymous

>>Working with Brenda was amazing! Her coaching was right on time and gave me exactly what I needed, not what I wanted to hear. Working with her I was able to take an honest look at my business and answer some tough questions. I highly recommend you invest in working with her! – Dr. Cori Cooper, Coricooper.com

>>I feel like Brenda gives a lot of herself in coaching. She is a counselor, a business leader, a minister, a challenger, an encourager, a friend…you name it, she takes on that role in her understand of me, the situation, and how to help me improve. I like that Brenda “keeps it real,” by asking questions to make you think and evaluate the situation without attributing right or wrong to anything. -Ayodola, Upscale Jewelry Designer

>>Brenda has insight and wisdom beyond her years. She helped me navigate through some tumultuous issues I was having with relational difficulties in ministry. She listened to a very complicated situation and broke it down simply – giving compassionate, truthful and insightful feedback. She offered practical and spiritual solutions that were greatly beneficial. I’m so grateful for her counsel; it was spot on! Months later, I have followed her counsel and not only has the situation dramatically improved, but I personally have been transformed. I am very thankful for Brenda and would recommend her coaching to anyone in any situation!n-Anonymous, Ministry Leader at large church

>>Brenda is very easy to talk to and I always feel that I am safe with her. She has such an ingenious style of probing and getting to the bottom of my issues and concerns. Each time I have had a session with her it has improved confidence, deepen my insights and moved me towards successful outcomes.          -Assistant Professor and Director of Leadership Programs, Taylor University

>>I’ve known Brenda for many years and she has always been passionate about helping women succeed – in their faith, in relationships, in business, in all aspects of life. When I lived in DC and was adjusting to a new city and to being an introvert in a very extroverted profession, Brenda was an incredible mentor and friend. She listened, challenged, and encouraged me to be confident in who God created me to be. She was a huge help to me during that time of insane transition. She has a gift for knowing when to listen, what questions to ask, and when to challenge the person she is trying to help.When you work with Brenda, you know she’s in your corner and dedicated to seeing you succeed. – Deborah Wipf, President & Founder, Velocity Ministry Management, velocityministrymanagement.com

>>Brenda has provided timely insight and wisdom enabling me to make informed and empowered choices at critical moments in my life. Her sincere, compassionate, and intentional coaching has equipped me to not just make the “right” choice once, but learn the process of being my best self, over and over again.   – Ashley S, Community Engagement Coordinator

>>Brenda encouraged me to use my gift to serve others while being business savvy. Within 15 minutes of talking to her I had a stronger and more focused business plan. Furthermore, she broke down complex ideas in a way that made it easy for me to understand and apply. From “number crunching” to observing the competition Brenda B covered it all. My business is up and running thanks to her guidance.  -Brenea Fairchild, Founder B-Fair Tutoring, http://bfairtutoring.com

>>Years ago, I was overwhelmed with a demanding job. My language and behavior started to reflect my mindset; I felt defeated. I met with Brenda to tell her about my “Crazy Tuesdays!” Brenda immediately zoned in on my use of powerless language that was defining my work and life. With a couple sessions, we turned my perspective from one of a victim to powerful creator of my days and career. Since then I’ve consistently lived into this shift in my psychology; moving from a crazy career outlook to an amazing one. I have Brenda to thank for influencing this habit and what it has produced in my life.-Lincois A., Social Worker

>>The future women leaders of the United States Air Force LOVED your presentation! You have an innate ability to connect with people of all walks of life, cultures, and creeds. You bring an energy to your seminars that engage women and moves them with you until they capture that energy for themselves. The retreat that you created for us was one of those defining moments that the Cadets will never forget. It has helped them as they now use those techniques to bolster their confidence as military officers in this very difficult time of war. Thank you for the investment you made in our Nation’s greatest treasure! – Chaplain, Captain Crystal M. Jones, United States Air Force

>>Brenda Bertrand speaks directly to the heart. Her message is clear, clean and powerful. She packs a punch with her knowledge of spiritual truths applied to proven methods for positive change. Brenda stands out among speakers, coaches and trainers as she cuts to the core – enlightening, inspiring and providing impactful tools for dynamic growth and true freedom.
– Renee Scobel, former Executive Director, INJOY’s THRiVE! and The National Women’s Ministry Association

>>Your message was honest, informative, and biblically relevant. I have been greatly impacted after applying the concepts from your presentation to my life. As a result, I am a better leader and woman and am excited to see how your speaking will change the lives of others.
– Tamara Shaya-Hoffman, Former Student Body President, Taylor University; State Department

>>Amazing training! Brenda was terrific and really connected with the audience. I was so impressed. She made it look so easy.
– Susan M. Hovanec, CFP Vice President, Investments Ferris, Baker Watts Inc.

>>In just three short hours, you challenged our staff to recognize and start to overcome the communication barriers that have hindered our success. We are now working more cohesively as a team and understand our next steps for achieving full interdependence.
– Amy Shopkorn, Senior Director, Training and Operations, National Society of Collegiate Scholars

>>Brenda’s ability to engage students ignited them to envision their leadership roles as service that is obtainable and manageable. Although Brenda was here less than a month ago, students have already inquired when she will return to campus. My colleagues mentioned that her leadership points were easy to review during post-sessions with student leaders in specialized positions. Another colleague felt that the quality of the day, equated with conferences that associations pay hundreds of dollars to attend, “she is definitely top-notch!” It is evident that she loves students and is passionate about student leadership development, is approachable and exudes inclusiveness across the board. Choosing Brenda as our speaker was the best way to begin the year.
– Cathy Weatherspoon, MSM, Director of Leadership Development, Taylor University

>>Her dynamic delivery brought the room to life and left the audience inspired and ready to take action. She motivated the members of our organization to a new level of service and dedication. Again, we really appreciate how you helped us this Fall.
– Damitra Jackson, Student Leader, Towson University

>>Brenda Bertrand was a riveting speaker at our Brother to Brother Conference at Howard University. She inspired us all with her gift to relate to people of a wide range of ages as she spoke to an audience of young African-American men in junior high and their teachers. She has an uncanny ability to make you feel as if you can take on the world no matter how old you are. Anyone who is graced with the opportunity to have her present is in for a wonderful treat!
– Sean Mickens, Co-Chair Brother 2 Brother Conference, Howard University

>>Brenda is a motivational speaker like no other. She has excellent presentation skills and the rare capacity to communicate complex points in a simple and understandable manner. She spoke with such a passion at our annual Mass Communication Career Conference and commanded the full attention of the entire audience, academicians, practitioners and students alike.
– Rama M. Tunuguntla, Professor of Mass Communication, Grambling State University

>>Your ability to bring together our conference into an energetic closing session has inspired our officers to generate a new buzz this year about NSCS on 225 campuses at colleges and universities nationwide. Though the next conference is nine months away, they already are asking if you’ll be back!– Steve Loflin, Founder and Executive Director, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, nscs.org

Coaching Clients – In their own words

>>Brenda has helped me think about myself and my capabilities in new ways and to present myself with more clarity and confidence!

>>Brenda’s insightfulness is incredible! I was impressed with how she was hearing things at a deeper level, stuff I never vocalized but that were completely true. I was blown away by that. I loved that she declared that I would receive revelation, that really rose my level of expectation.

>>I would very easily and highly recommend Brenda to anyone looking for coaching. One strength of Brenda’s was sifting through my comments and thoughts of what to focus on and then helping me to distil those things to the most common denominator or elevating those thoughts to more substantive areas.

>>The focus on God’s involvement in the process (prayer, insight from Holy Spirit), etc. Also, Brenda created a very welcoming and accepting atmosphere that was definitely appreciated.

>>Brenda was able to connect different parts of my life together. I never realized how much one event can influence your life and your decisions. I like how she can connect with the individual on a deeper level than they expected.

>>I feel like Brenda gives a lot of herself in coaching. She is a psychologist, a business leader, a minister, a challenger, an encourager, a friend…you name it, she takes on that role in her understand of me, the situation, and how to help me improve. I like that Brenda “keeps it real,” by asking questions to make you think and evaluate the situation without attributing right or wrong to anything.

>>Before coaching: timid, afraid, unclear, frustrated, stuck, discouraged Now: I am seeing possibilities as exciting. I am continuing to receive revelation because I’m much more open to it! I’m not afraid anymore. I’m hopeful and believe I can do it!

>>Before coaching I experienced a lot of anxiety and insecurity because of some father wounds. As a result of coaching with Brenda and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I let go of things that inhibited the healing process and feel free to move forward now. This is translating into healthier relationships with my spouse and coworkers, and a confidence to move forward in my career.

>>After hearing my story, Brenda was able to help me find clarity in my life. She was able to ask the right questions to face things head on instead of looking to others for advice or clarity. I felt every single emotion possible.

>>Prior to the session, I felt frustrated and confused. Now I am clear and motivated

>>Before coaching I felt stalled in my pursuit of my next level; now, because of coaching, I have clarity on the internal dialogue that was keeping me from my next level.