Hello, beautiful soul.

I’m single and many of you are as well. I wanted to share the unique perspective of singles, especially women,  in the context of the church.  Many churches get it right and yet we still need to share with others our unique experiences. Your voice matters and your experience counts. You are an equal member in this ecclesial family.  We may not agree on all things but I hope this article on singleness in the church gives voice to your experience in it.  Maybe it will get an “amen” or an “ouch.”

Regardless, I would love to hear from you either way.  See link below.

To all the single ladies. I am cheering you on! I’m sure Queen Bey approves.


Brenda B

p.s. 4wordwomen.org is an amazing organization. Check the article out and linger there. You will find amazing resources. I’m offering a shameless plug for a great group of people with a marvelous mission.

The Church's Muddled Approach to Singles

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