Slowww downnnnn

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know… If you are pooped, tired, and exhausted from the race of life, try slowing down. This is not a sprint, dear friend. Slowwwww down. Something wonderful happens when we pace ourselves in our tasks, relationships and even our thoughts. Be present today […]

Perfectly imperfect

This week, I wanna share my favorite quotes on perfectionism. Why? I am glad you asked. I continue to work with amazing people who have big dreams but feel stuck with fears and self-doubts. This past week, in particular, I coached clients who struggle with a subtle but real version of fear: perfectionism. Together, we […]

My Crazy Busy (Prayer) Life

Where in your busy life could you insert a simple conversation with God? Adding some prayer to your crazy busy life may be just what the doctor ordered to tame the busyness. Don’t worry about the time you don’t have to pray. What about the time you already have and use every day to do essential […]