I hope you had an awesome week. I am preparing to travel again – this time to Wisconsin. Never a dull moment.

Today’s post is actually a 15-minute radio show interview where I share my favorite career success weapon.

Over the years, countless professional women (and some men) have called on me for career advice. I am certainly no expert, and share more from my mistakes than my successes….but I certainly believe there are success principles that are enduring. I am happy to share with anyone willing to listen.

With over 20 years experience in the school of hard knocks and life in the corporate (government, ministry, and higher education) jungle, I definitely have some career and life lessons I want to pass on.

A meaningful career does not happen by default. It takes prayer, personal development, strategy and lots of support. It can be a tough yet rewarding journey.

Good news: There are time-tested and proven success strategies anyone can use to thrive at work, and build a career of meaning, purpose, and joy.

Bad news: There are ways that we sabotage our own success. I have the scars to prove it.

More good news: You don’t have to make the same mistakes so many of us have made. There is a better way.

One of my secret success weapons is Mentoring… having mentors (notice the plural) has made all the difference in my career and life.

Listen in as I share the keys to a successful mentoring relationship. Hint: It is all about expectations!

[Mentoring Monday Radio Show ]

Take a listen and send me an email at brendabertrand@gmail.com with your thoughts. Are you finding it difficult to find a  mentor?  Let’s keep the conversation going.

I am cheering you on!
Brenda B 🙂

p.s. Here’s the link again

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