On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know…

If you are pooped, tired, and exhausted from the race of life, try slowing down. This is not a sprint, dear friend. Slowwwww down.

Something wonderful happens when we pace ourselves in our tasks, relationships and even our thoughts. Be present today in conversations. Slow down long enough to get a reply, or to notice your anxiety or to smell the roses.

Hurrying through your day only leads to mistakes, careless words, missed opportunities, and frustration. The journey is a long one so take a pause, slow down long enough to enjoy all the yummy goodness along the way. In slowing down, you get refueled and inspired to face the next lap.

Here’s a promise: The race isn’t given to the gal who sprints in a sweaty, fast mess with flailing arms and collapsed lungs. It’s the gal who finishes to the end in complete reliance that gets the prize.

And, oh look. Timothy agrees: Check out 2 Timothy 4:7

I encourage you to take a moment today to rest. Get alone, quiet yourself and cease from striving. Let what IS– just BE. Slow down long enough to hear yourself breathe. Be still and know that God is in control. The answers you are looking for, the solution to that paramount problem, the healing in that broken relationship and the missing peace in your heart are all within arms reach if you slow down just enough to get catch them. you’re going too fast to grasp the things in life that really matter. Slow your roll. ­čśë

Days from now this post will make sense. For now, trust God, who is the best coach with a spotless track record.

Speeding up life takes the flavor out of it. Take a moment to savor what is on your way to what will be. God is in the stillness.

On your mark … get ready… slowwwww! ┬áPace yourself, my friend.

I’m cheering you on! ┬áBrenda B

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